Arborist Qualifications Highlands Ranch

Arborist Qualifications Highlands Ranch

When getting tree services done in the Highlands Ranch Metro District, the arborist qualifications are important to consider. Colorado does not have a formal arborist license process. This means that anyone can be a Colorado arborist if they they have the proper business licenses.

While proper business licensing is important, there is a gap in judging a company’s arborist qualifications.  There is no state level database you can check to see if an arborist is qualified. That kind of leaves it up to you.

The Metro District does provide a tree care ordinance. Most ordinances follow the standards set out by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA). So hiring an ISA arborist for your tree services helps ensure that the tree trimming or tree removal will be done to best practices set out by Highlands Ranch.

Our Staff Arborists

David Merriman — Certified Arborist, Consulting Arborist, Qualified Supervisor

Jeff Disler — Qualified Supervisor with the Colorado department of Agriculture, Bachelor of Science in Palnt Health from Colorado State University

Fully Insured: Meets or exceeds all insurance requirements for State of Colorado, local municipalities, Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles, homeowners and associations, and worker’s compensation.

Licensed: State of Colorado, Department of Agriculture, Plant Industry Division, Pesticide Section (Applicator ID #07448).

We are certified in the metro area cities that require a written and practical test including  Aurora, Denver,  and Lakewood.

Arborist Continuing Education

While having an ISA licensed arborist is good, it’s important that they stay current because there is  always something new to learn in the arborist trade. Generally members in good standing need 30 hours per year on continuing education. These are are earned in the following areas.

  • Certification credits for professional designation and/or membership
  • Certification credits for Pesticide Qualified Supervisor License
  • Workshops for ongoing insect, disease and weed, identification and control
  • Workshops for newest technology and products in Plant Health Care
  • Workshops for newest technology in Water Conservation