Can you throw away tree debris in the garbage?

If you receive a few tree trimming estimates and one seems particularly low, should you go with it? The question to ask is why is it lower. One big reason might be that the company won’t actually take away the debris. A tree service might have you say that the debris is from a tree that you trimmed because that will fall within the guidelines of some trash pickup policies. But if a professional tree service is doing the tree trimming or tree removal, most trash companies won’t take it away and the city Of Denver won’t as well. Here are the guidelines for the City of Denver which usually form the foundation for policies of cities and private trash removal companies throughout the metro area. 

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  • Group loose branches into bundles weighting no more than 50 pounds per bundle. Branches can be no longer than 4 feet in length or larger than 4 inches in diameter.
  • A maximum of 10 branch bundles per household will be collected per scheduled Extra Trash Collection (every 4 weeks).
    Place bundles at least 2 feet away from any service carts when setting out for collection.
  • Leaves and yard clippings must be in bags or containers and weigh no more than 50 pounds each when full.
  • Do NOT place branches in your city issued black trash cart or purple recycle cart.
    Residents are responsible for the removal and disposal of tree stumps and all branches over 4 inches in diameter and/or 4 feet in length. There are a number of licensed haulers that are available to residents to hire for removal of this material.

In Highlands Ranch, Pro Disposal allows up to 10 bags of yard waste or five bundles of tree limbs per week.

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  1. Hi matt johnson,
    the best way to throw away tree debris in the garbage If you haven’t been able to fully enjoy the areas around your home because of big, ugly tree stumps, it’s time to win back your yard. Stop tripping over stumps and allowing these remnants to dominate your property by having them ground down and completely removed. Turn to us for total tree service, including removal, trimming, crown reduction, tree cabling and fertilization. We have the proper equipment to do any job and do it right.

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