Removing a Tree Branch


Steps for sawing off a tree branch:

  • About one or two feet from the trunk, make an undercut one-third of the way up through the bottom of the branch. Your saw will get pinched if you cut too far up.
  • Make your second cut completely through the branch from the top side, about three inches out on the branch from your first.
  • This should allow the branch to fall away without tearing the branch bark into the trunk.
  • Keep it safe – Never do tree trimming or removal work that should be done by a professional.  Heave tree branches can seriously injure you in a split second!
  • More safety tips:
    • Never use a ladder for trimming trees. This is asking to get hurt!
    • Tie into the tree in 2 places, using professional grad equipment and techniques
    • Be sure you properly “notch” a tree trunk when you are feeling it. Kickback can kill you!
    • Take a class in chain saw safety and operation. Wear safety chaps lined with material that will protect your legs.
    • Eye and ear protection as well as a hardhat should be worn.
    • False economyHire a professional for jobs you can’t handle—it’s really not worth getting seriously hurt, or damaging expensive property, just to “save money.”

5 thoughts on “Removing a Tree Branch

  1. Thank you for these Simple Tips about removing a tree branch. I find it very useful, & it’s really the best option to hire professional assistance. Keep on sharing!

  2. I found it useful that you mentioned to never use a ladder for trimming trees. My brother was attempting to remove a branch far up the tree and he brought an unsteady ladder that he could’ve easily fallen from. I’ll be sure to remind him next time to not use a ladder.

  3. That’s a good idea to get someone to help you with any tree trimming that you are uncomfortable doing. I would think that the money you saved by doing it your self would be much less than the hospital bills from falling out of a tree. I’ll have to consider getting a tree trimming service to do it for me.

  4. Many homeowners consider pruning on their own, but the habit of chopping down trees yourself is not always safe or appropriate. A tree cutter is an arborist who has been trained to safely prune, cut, or removing branches. When can I work with tree myself, and when do I have to pay for professional pruning and felling? It provides a basis for decision-making and advice on choosing someone to help you cut the tree professionally.

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